Monday, July 27, 2015

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Now, onto my thoughts about the latest episode of True Detective.

All I can say is that there are only two episodes left. Thank goodness.

I really just want them to wrap this up already.

The thing is, perhaps we don't have a name specifically, but there is no mystery, and anything else that they throw at us will just be contrived magic shit to pretend that there is more to the story than corporate greed and mobsters trying to get in on the action.

That's the thing. We don't care enough about the people involved to care about the story as a whole.

There's too many subplots with not enough meat on any of them to care.

Rachael goes to a party tonight for what purpose? The boys follow her for what purpose? To see what goes on at these parties ... sure. But then they find contracts with signatures all over them? Of course there are signatures, they are contracts. Also, everyone involved knows it is over the land for the rail. Everyone knows there was a conspiracy to cause the land to be toxic so that the rich could buy them for cheap and that the people who pay are the lower socioeconomic people. That no one lives there and that rich people are chewing up the land and spitting it out.

There is no mystery.

The show could be good if it showed how it impacted people's lives, but, again, not enough character development.

This is the Seinfeld of mysteries. The show is about nothing. It is making a mountain story out of a molehill story.

Then the big knife thing is that Rachael stabs someone? In that drab fashion? Ugh. Wasted. So wasted.

Again, the only, only bright spot is Colin, story wise and acting. Him giving up his son so that his son will never know that he is the product of rape is the only person acting unselfishly. Unlike other bloggers, I don't think it was just to retain his right to the name father. He did a fatherly thing by giving up his son to protect his son. Even the saint of a mother would rather tell her son that he is the product of rape, cause him to have to live with that, so that she can win a custody battle. Who is the disgusting parent now?

Then there is Vince. Ugh. Someone shoot him out of his misery. Him not believing someone killed the girl was too much. Just stop already. Vince's acting at the table and throughout this episode was some of the worst. However, like all episodes of True Detective this season, it has moments of, dare I say, good ... I can't even finish that sentence. Is it like when you line up 10 guys and you pick the hottest one out of them, but if you put that same guy with a bunch of actual hot guys no one would pick him? I think so. Was the scene with Vince and the boy really that good or just the best scene we've seen with him in awhile so we are just calling it good? I think the latter. I did like it though. Anyone who is older knows that what he speaks is the truth. We can all look back on our lives and pick out the moments that changed our lives forever. The longer you live, the more of them you have. Some of us have more profound ones than others.

I agree with other bloggers, I'm not hate watching right now, but I am mystified watching. I'm only watching, not because I'm interested in the show, but more so to see what in God's name did they see this series culminating toward? What did the writers think was a big mystery? Are they going to just magically contrive some much bigger plot? Are they going to resolve what happened to soldier boy int he field to get the burns? His sexuality? Does Colin, or Rachael for that matter, get any peace?

I wait to see ...

Until next week.

Monday, July 20, 2015

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Only actor who has any material to work with
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Now, onto my recap of True Detective Episode 5 Other Lives.

So, we catch up with the story 3 months later. All the detectives or whatever their positions are have been reassigned or they have quit.

Colin has quit, but he is working for Vince. He quit because he realizes what went down with the shootout was a colossal cover up, shakedown and set up.

He'd finally had enough.

I read something somewhere about the reason why he shaved his moustache. The reason is he is removing his mask. I don't know about that.

Rachael is doing evidence and TK is a detective now, he actually got a promotion, but all are miserable.

Somehow, they have all been asked to now secretly try and figure out why there are blue diamonds. I'm not sure what this lady wants now or why she got involved. I think somehow she too got screwed on the shootout deal, but this was totally unclear. I think they mentioned about the new governor or something or some kind of politician, but, again, totally unclear.

If I had to sum up this season I would say the keyword would be unclear. It's unclear why I should care, it's unclear if there really is more to this plot that requires 8 episodes or if it goes beyond a corrupt politician who got killed due to either his kinky sex life, his train deals, or both. Can't we just say both and end it all there? Does it really drive the plot anywhere more that it will be involved with Rachael's dad? I don't care. Do I care if the plastic surgeon is more involved than he says he is? No. This show is running on the false assumption that we care about any of these people. That's it's downfall. It's so proud of itself that it forgot to make us care. I can tell you, the only reason people are watching anymore is to be (hopefully) proven wrong this this is absolutely a waste of a series.

Anyway, I digress.

The only thing that was remotely interesting was that Colin finally figured out that he has been duped this whole time by Vince. Duh. Every viewer knew that from episode one. Colin did well with the acting here and proved once again he is the only bright light in this dreadful series. I give Rachael a pass here because she really isn't given any good material. Her now smoking real cigarettes is just actually an insult to the viewer. It's so in your face it's annoying.

The acting by Colin was good because it portrayed the emotion that would come with realizing that your whole life is a lie. He already significantly struggled over the fact that he killed a man because he raped his wife. That killing of a man changed his life to the point he lost his wife, his child, his honor -- everything. The fact that he thought he was being "a man" by avenging his wife, that ultimately led to the removal of all that he held dear ... all for a lie? To be duped? Ugh. That would be soul crushing. At least before he could hold onto the fact hat he "manned up" and did right by his wife, all the terribleness that came with it, but that was never the case.

Again, the theme of what it means to be a man, to be a woman.

Onto TK. All I have to say is it's your own damn fault. Who would hide money in their prostitute mother's trailer? That made zero, ZERO sense. Bad, bad, bad writing.

Well, 3 episodes left. I wonder how much more can they pretend to make out of this really boring plot. So stupid.

I'm going to go on record though that next season will be good. HBO will not stand for this. It will be hard to get good actors after this though. Also, I'm fine with them changing up the type of season from the occult, to a murder mystery. That's fine. Just make me care about the characters and care about the plot. Oh, and have a plot that couldn't have been wrapped up in two episodes.

Reluctantly, I will watch next week, but looking forward to writing my thoughts for you all.

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Monday, July 13, 2015

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Here are my thoughts on True Detective episode titled Down Will Come.

Overall, the story makes no sense. We all know it. We have been given no new information. There are too many threads in the police force to follow and too many sections of it to truly understand what is going on.

I don't need to recap my thoughts on this, nor does anyone else. It's a waste of time. We all know it.

We all also know that everyone is working against everyone else and no one can be trusted to do the right thing. We also know that the writers have told us no new information since episode one. Save for a few tidbits about spoiled land, a #2 to Vince that is clearly working against him, and that there is a connection between Rachael's father, the good doctor, and dead guy.

This is not news worthy, nor is it necessary to be this far into the season without any new story.

We also know that the best actors are in order:


There is no disputing these facts.

Everyone needs to stop recapping that.

I, for one, liked the shoot 'em up scene. I liked watching Rachael unravel.

It was annoying that we then had to pan to everyone else unraveling.

Too much.

Was all the money spent of the set up for the shoot 'em up that we still couldn't get better CGI of when someone is driving the car? The CGI is so distracting.

That's all I really have to say. I want to say they need to fix this show really quick, but sadly, you know the whole thing has already wrapped.

Man, it has glimmers, but even those glimmers don't shine bright.

I feel like someone needs to tell the show runners that the most important thing is always characters, then story, and then everything else.

True Detectives Season 2 didn't seem to get that memo.

One example of this. I didn't watch a great deal of Buffy, but one thing for sure is that the special effects weren't out of this world. The story could be fluffy at times. However, what made the show so good was the characters, how they interacted, and their story arcs.

These writers could learn a thing or two about writing from a teen television show from the 90's


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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Now my thoughts on True Detective.

So Colin is not dead. While I am so happy that he is still in the show, it was a bit of poor writing and clearly just a headline grabber. Viewers do not like to feel abused. I feel a little taken advantage of.

However, as he and Rachael (I've decided to just call them by their acting names this blog) are clearly the best in the show, it would have been devastating to lose him.

I thought the scene between those two when they were chasing the masked man were great. It showed them bonding and perhaps beginning to trust each other. I thought that was enticing. I also liked it when Rachael hovered at the door to hear what was going on, nice.

I thought Colin totally sold the ...great, I pissed myself part. Plus, the writing for Rachael there was great. Not even for one second, even after a fellow law enforcer got shot, can she have any sense of graciousness. She has to call him out on peeing his pants. That was an excellent bit of character development -- showing just how hard she is to the core. No grace.

We had a bit more of the Taylor Kitsch I hate the fact I'm gay thing.


As for Vince, he seemed so on the verge of getting into a legitimate business and now that is all up int air. It is forcing him to revert to his old ways of being a thug, a street fighter, and a hustler. Things he wanted to elevate himself above.

I wasn't buying the scene where he beats the shit out of that one guy. He doesn't give the sense of pent up anger that Rachael and Colin do. The only good part of that duo is whomever plays Vince's wife. She's great.

Every time Vince is on the screen, I know if is Vince Vaughn. I can not suspend belief. I'm finally utterly committed to the fact he was a terrible casting choice.

Colin's original partner, the guy who worked on Deadwood -- he would have been a better choice as a king pin. They have him so absolutely under utilized in this series that you would never know that he would excel as a kingpin.

So, overall, not a terrible episode, but I still feel like I'm watching amateur hour.

Oh, on a side note, I'm not getting into the ridiculous opening sequence or how stupid it all is that now we are including the movie making business. Yuck. Also, was I the only one who completely missed the fact Vince's companion also had his eyes worked out with acid?

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Monday, June 29, 2015

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Poor Vince Vaughn
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True Detective Season 2 was off to a bad start. Most of this episode was a shit-show too.

Here are the problems I had with episode 2.

I could't hear a damn thing. Seriously, do I have bad speakers? What is the sound production budget on this show? I feel like I was straining to hear everything. Also, what the hell is going on? Is everyone mumbling? Talking to fast? I spend most of the time trying to pause and recreate the sentence in my head. That's bad writing 101. The reader/viewer should not spend their time trying to figure stuff out, they should be lost in the story. I'm not saying we shouldn't be challenged by a plot thread but I should hear the thread and vaguely know what's going on.

I should not have to read other people's recaps to understand what's going on. I also feel like the show paid some writers to write about the show so that the information could be disseminated.

Anyway, poor Vince Vaughn again this week.

I feel like someone is mocking him.

He is given the worst dialogue, the most pretentious dialogue, and the most terrible direction. I know you wanted out of the comedy hole you were shoveled into, but I'm sorry this was your way out.

That opening sequence with him unable to sleep was just too much. That Rorschach test was just a head shaker.

I also get that we are talking about masculinity this season, I agree with other writers out there. What does it mean to Frank to have his father, a man, lock him in the basement and be almost eaten by rats? What kind of man does that make Frank? What kind of man does it take to be a mobster and what does that look like? Frank is no scarface Al Pacino. He is weak, and looking to be legit in his life, and he doesn't want to be forced to be a mobster anymore.

What does it mean to Paul? He has to take Viagra to get an erection with his girlfriend and it is now called into question whether or not he needs to take Viagra to have an erection with a girl at all? He strives very hard to let it be done that he is not the one breaking up with his girlfriend. What is he trying to prove and to whom? Is he trying to prove that he did not sabotage a relationship with a woman? What is his worldview on masculinity? Is he tortured from the burns caused by what? Is that his issue? Father induced? Incest induced from his prostitute mother? I'm sure we will be filtered into this narrative by the writers choosing.

As for Ani, that is also a lesson in the expectations of gender identity and what it means. Also, on a side note, I feel like we are also grappling with what people find acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Ani finds her father and sister to be unacceptable, yet she shirks a potential important lead to continue to watch kinky porn. This is also at the root of why this politician was murdered. Her gender identity of what is female is driven home with her conversation about knives. She feels ultimately the lesser powerful of the sexes, yet, she is more than willing, and angrily so, to make up for that with her use and possession of knives. This is sure, SURE to come into play, not only in the future of this character, but what happened to her in the past to secure this mindset.

And finally, to our lost soul Velcoro, he certainly met with an untimely death or a horrific hospital stay. However, if the first season is any indication when Matthew McConaughey managed to live, so will Velcoro. Plus, how would they know where he was? Does the killer/shooter call it in? I think not.

This scene may have saved the show. I can't be the only one who was going to give up on the show. I certainly was going to give up when he holstered his weapon. When one sees a big pool of blood on the floor, I know my first inclination is to holster my weapon because ... I can't even finish that sentence it is all so ridiculous.

I liked Colin Farrell in the show, I hope he's not dead.

I liked the bird mask that was missing, and I liked the connection with the bird in the first episode that was sitting in the front passenger seat. Clearly a thread.

On a side note, I also liked the whole autopsy scene, I thought that was pretty cool.

Until next week.

Monday, June 22, 2015

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Yay! True Detective is back! Unlike AMC, HBO knows how to keep their viewers interested! Finish off GoT and move onto True Detective ... perfect!

I watched True Detective this morning. I always stay on a media blackout so that I don't hear any scoop.

I'm saying this before I read other people's review.


I'm not going to lie, I didn't even like the opening sequence and song.

From a casting standpoint, let's talk about the good, well, great ... Rachael McAdams. She is excelling in this role. She is definitely getting across pent up rage, as if she could break at any moment. I love the sweaty, disheveled look they give her. She seems to just seep intensity. Well cast.

Colin Farrell I think is well cast as well. He also seems to have gotten the "you are going to appear sweaty in this series" look. That's fine. It's a theme. He does well with the broken soul bit.

Now to the whatever. Taylor Kitsch, you're okay. That's just how little I'm going to write about you.

The bad. I might be the only one, but I didn't necessarily think that Vince Vaughn had to be a bad casting choice. He has the ability to give good shady character looks. However, I honestly feel like it's the directing. Why do they have him sounding so sweet voiced? It's just odd. Why do they have him acting like a lost puppy? A person who is a mobster doesn't get to his level without being a badass. Why is he looking so pathetic and clueless? Bad writing? Bad directing? I'd love to know the answer.

On a side note, I'm really excited to see the acting of W. Earl Brown. He was in Deadwood and in an episode of Justified. I think he is really, really good. I do hope that they utilize him well.

As for the plot, who knows what in the heck is going on? All we know is, and it's true, California is building a high speed rail, the bond or whatever finally passed. Frank, aka Vince Vaughn, is trying to arrange some kind of deal? But the deal is supposed to be done?  Some are Russians? The mayor or someone is in on it? The cops are in on it? Huh? Plus, didn't Frank say they all have the holding companies for the contracts to the land the rail is going to build on or are they the ones actually building the train? I don't know. Really, really poor writing. How can one care about the plot and it moving forward if the writers do such a bad job with the small amount of plot that they opened up to?

Then some dude, some politician maybe, is in on it, but he gets killed?


Why not just show a bit of that?

I get Colin Farrell. He was a sherif, and now is a detective, and he owes Frank because Ray's wife got raped and the police couldn't pin it on someone so Ray went to Frank who had the identity. You know, mob bosses have intel on the streets. Fine. A child was born from the rape, fine. But what about the mom? Where is she? I get that Ray could never get past it. I get that's why he does drugs and alcohol. I get that the whole affair is why Ray is under Frank's thumb. I get it started small and probably got larger and larger, the things Ray did for Frank. I'm sure Ray killed the rapist of his wife. Also, probably going to come out that Frank hired the dude to do that to Ray's wife to get him under his thumb.

Rachael McAdams character name is Ani. FYI, I only know that from IMDB. That's bad writing people, that one of the three main characters I didn't get the name -- knowing I would write about the episode later.

Any-who, she's a badass cop who has anger issues. Her daddy is some type of hippie yoga dude. Her sister is into porn and just generally a bad seed. Ani's mom killed herself by walking into the water all Virginia Woolf style. Ugh. Whatever.

I'm done with this review, recap, or thoughts blog. Truly my thoughts are that this was a terrible showing. It had none of the nuance that the first season had. I actually like the actors better in this season so I'm not sure what's going to happen there. Honestly? I feel like it is the writing. The scene set ups are terrible too. I think they are going for choppy, to convey the chaos in it all, but it just doesn't make for good viewing. I just watched Top of The Lake, now that was well shot. I think someone who worked on cinematography for Top of the Lake also did TD (True Detective) season 1, however, it would be interesting to see if that woman (I think it was a woman) did season 2 as well.

Anyway, it is always fun to try and figure out why a show hits the sophomore slump. Is it the network removing money like they did with The Walking Dead? Is it change in directors, as is the case for TD (True Detective)?

I don't know.

I'll watch next week. I hope it gets better.


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Monday, June 15, 2015

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Oh my God! Wow! That was craziness!

Darn it all that was the season finale episode!

First off, Dany. Why you busting your dragon's balls? Calm down. The dude got you out of a serious situation. Stop being petulant and whining at him. Give him a chance to rest and literally lick his wounds.

Serves you right for getting surrounded by the Dothraki.

Then there is Sad Sansa and Sad Reek. Good job finally stepping up to the plate Reek. I will enjoy calling you Theon again.

Oh, and to anyone who thinks that they didn't survive that fall, don't be stupid. Of course they survived.

Arya? Dude. Give up on being a no face. You want revenge. Stop lying to yourself.

Poor Jon Snow.  I'm finding it a little hard to believe that once the Wildlings came back and told the other people from The Watch what happened to their people at the hands of the White Walkers that everyone would be more focused on the White Walkers than getting revenge on the Wildlings. How f'ing short-sighted. I hope all those that stabbed Snow die at the hands of the White Walkers and then Jon Snow cuts their heads off with his Valayrian Steel. I'm also pretty sure that the Red Witch brings Snow back to life or some bullshit. It's getting tot he point where magic is going to start to be used. That's just the way these things work out once they get so fantastical.

Back to the Red Witch. Wow, way to cut and run. Poor Stannis. He sees his wife hanging, learns half his forces deserted, and then the Red Witch left him? I'm sure he knew he would be walking into certain death at that point. He must've wanted to get some anger out at how stupid he was. How stupid to burn your own child. Family first.

I did like the fact that Brienne was the one who killed Stannis. She got what she has wanted for a really long time and Stannis died with a certain level of dignity.

I liked the moment between Tyrion and Varys. They are so good together. Maybe the best onscreen couple?

As for poor Jaime. He finally gets to be the father he was never allowed to be. No one every looks at Jaime and thinks he deserves such love. Now, basically a sweet saint of a girl, looks at him with love in her eyes and says she is happy he is her father.

Ugh. Poor Jamie. No one appreciated what he did for the Kingdom, and he could never be appreciated as a father -- both sad, sad endings to his life story.

This si also not going to bode well for his relationship with Cersei. She already thinks he is useless, and now he fails her on this? Oh, it's going to be bad.

Plus, the timing. Cersei just went through the worst thing in her life and for Jaime to then lay at her feet the death of her daughter -- the one thing she truly cares about - her kids? Oh, it's going to go so badly for him.

As for the walk of shame, my God. What a great scene. First of all, it was tastefully done. Second of all, my lord was her body amazing. Well done Lena, well done.

Also, besides her beauty, well, well done on the acting Lena. You conveyed every emotion without uttering one word. That is so hard to do. You conveyed the humiliation, the desperation of your situation, the fight in Cersei, the shame -- all of it. You felt how strong of a woman Cersei was knowing how badly she just wanted her misery to end, but being strong enough to make into the safety of her own walls. The vulnerability she displayed once in her own walls, the sobbing. It was tremendous. If you don't get the Emmy, there is no justice in the world.

Can't wait until next season!

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