Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Sleepy Hollow Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets coupon SIGLER14

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Today I watched the season finale of Sleepy Hollow! This episode was entitled Tempus Fugit.

This episode was actually very good. Abbie is back in Ichabod's timeline and has to deal with convincing him that she is his partner in the future. First off, her jacket might be a tip of the hat. I mean, they didn't have that highly technical wicking material back then. Shoot, they didn't have wicking material when I was in high school. She has a cell phone. She knows things. I honestly don't think it would be that hard to convince him.

I liked the way the show handled slavery. The show is not huge on social commentary, so it would have been weird had it spent too much time on it. I thought the show handled it very well. I do think the show could have had a bit more evil nature to it. I mean, the danger Abbie was in was immense. I think the tone could have been a bit more on the desperate side of things. That's just a small critique.

I did like the fact that Ben Franklin believed her right off the bat. I also adored the fact that Ichabod's past annoyance basically dismissed him so he could talk to Abbie. That was awesome.

My only issue was that the show has leant us to believe that Ichabod was an integral part of the revolution and that he was in on a ton of stuff. Why didn't Abbie mention all of that? Like the tea party, or any of the thousand references that Ichabod has made to how in sync he was with Washington and Jefferson. I know! Mention the stuff about Jefferson. That would be wise.

Anywho, I really did like the scene where Crane had to figure out how to work the cell phone. That was great.

I love evil Katrina. Finally! I would watch that in season 3.

I think we all got the feeling that a season 3 probably won't happen. The group hug at the end pretty much sealed it. However, maybe they learned from this season. Maybe they can right the ship. I would like more character development. I would like more humor from team witness. I would love more Jenny. The actress does a great job in the role.

I think that with all the shows that lose something when they replace their writers, maybe this show can do the opposite. Maybe it can lose some writers to improve the show. That is what I would like to see.

More Tom Mison please.

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My Sleepy Hollow Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets coupon SIGLER14

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This week's episode is called "The Awakening". We finally, finally have an episode worth watching.

It seems like it took the email thread a little while to get to the executives running this show. We want more humor, more bestie time, and something to happen with annoying Katrina.

We finally got our wish.

There is a longer series of a humorous interaction between Ichabod and Abbie in the hardware store; that was nice. The series is better when Ichabod can be a little humorous and it showed here.

Katrina finally "breaks bad" to quote one of my all-time favorite shows. She turns evil, which, while having a bit of a setup, goes full-blaze fire in the episode. There is no middle ground with Katrina, at one point, she is thinking about maybe liking evil powers, then goes full-fledged, power-hungry witch resurrector. While, again, bad pacing from the writing team, at least something actually happened.

Katrina deciding that she wants to resurrect the coven with her son is a great plot.

I liked that Ichabod wasn't having any of it. While he stated (which I think the writers were trying to have some sense of backstory) that he thought Katrina was becoming more reclusive, he jumped right to leaving her in the wind. Which, let's be honest, he should. Once Katrina decided to be evil, she was completely onboard.

It was too soon to have Henry die once this excellent plot started. For all of the wasted time this season, we finally get something worth watching and the writers kill it off. Much like the plot with Abbie's mother -- something to drive character development and it's dropped like a hot potato.

I still don't know if Henry was really on his mother's side, or if it was some part of a larger, evil plan. I liked that he finally died though. However, did we really need the glass in his cheek to be sticky? That's not really how cuts work. Fail on the art department.

I did like the fact that even when Henry died, Ichabod was at his side. That was a nice touch.

It was even better that Katrina went all mama bear on Ichabod! That was awesome.

For the life of me, I can't understand what Abbie was doing jumping in after Katrina. What did that serve?

I did like the call back to the first season of Sleepy Hollow. The road, the feeling out of place -- that was all excellent. I wondered what the show would do about Abbie being black; I'm glad that they did not shy away from that. It will be interesting if Ichabod will purchase Abbie, purchase her freedom? How will the shower cover that? I like that the show has elements of history in it. I'm not expecting a full episode dedicated to race relations or anything, but I'd like it to be somewhat realistic though.

One more episode to go this season. It will be interesting to see what they do with it. This storyline with Abbie being back in the 1700's is great. I would love to see it for a few episodes, but seeing as it is the last episode of the season, it will probably be another wasted chance for the show to really shine.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

My Sleepy Hollow Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets coupon SIGLER14

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This week's episode was titled "What Lies Beneath".

The best part of this episode was the guy who used to be on Wings, Steven Weber. What happened to that guy's career? He's absolutely fine in this, better than most people. There is no reason why this man should not have more work.

Old Steven plays President Thomas Jefferson, our glorious third President of the United States. There is a good, quick historical line about how President Jefferson out-lived his frenemy, John Adams, which was good. After that, of course, was how Crane was best buds with President Jefferson, until they had a falling out. Poor Crane, still sad about his first breakup.

The reason for Mr. Weber's presence in the episode is that a trio of city workers go down into the tunnels for a mapping job and break through a wall and find a huge seal in the ground. They decide to open it, even though it has weird markings on it.

So dumb.

They get caught and taken away by some type of C.H.U.D. people. Not sure if they are zombies, or what, at this point, but, as per the usual in this show, it really doesn't matter.

Abbie and Crane go down after the city workers and in their own escape from the underground dwellers, they run into a magical room that opens up.


In there is Mr. Weber, aka, President Jefferson.

Apparently, he has been waiting down there, in the room he built for the witnesses, that he knew would be Crane, since he died. Yet, it's not really President Jefferson, but some type of kinda hologram.

President Jefferson then tells our BFF's that he has all the knowledge down there that they would ever need with the hope that fate would bring them to him someday.

I already know where this is going.

BFF's say they have to save the city workers. President Jefferson says this will threaten the little sanctuary he built.

BFF's decide to save the city workers.

Which they do.

Then, by the Grace of God, the sanctuary remains intact. Crane decides he still needs to blow it up -- stating that creepy crawlies were found once, and will be found again.

Yes, but not in the next, say ... 30 minutes, or two weeks. You know, enough time to take a few volumes with you. Maybe you can't take the books/scrolls out. That's cool. I'll just make a Starbucks run and sit down for a good long read for awhile.

Nope. Straight to blowing the place up.

This ends my recanting of the show.

Sleepy Hollow had no humor in it this time and was stupid. Our third President is on the screen, Crane's hero, and we just, what? Blow his hologram up?

I hate this show for being so stupid.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My Sleepy Hollow Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets coupon SIGLER14

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The name of this week's episode is called Spellcaster and as we all knew was coming, it was about the Salem witch trials.

I was not impressed. I will say this, I'm going to finish out this season of recaps and then I am through. There really isn't much to say. There is no character development. We hope that Ichabod and Abbie become besties for life, but outside of that, do I really care what happens to Katrina. No. I really wish they would just drop a house on old Katrina like something out of Wizard of Oz. As for Henry, he's bad, bad, bad to the bone. Couldn't they have teased that out a bit? Made it a bit creepy? Explored his relationship with the boy and his mother, the cripple? Seems like it would be a good use of their time. Nope. Immediately to still bad.

How about the Captain? Straight to bad. Well, I guess we got two episodes to decide that. Wouldn't it have been neater, him trying to struggle against the big bad brewing inside? Nope, straight to clever book stealer. Well, not clever, he simply put's it in the back of his pants.

Also, why show him with his wife? Was this some sort of tease? If it was, it was completely unsuccessful.

Again, bad, horrible, watered-down writing is killing what could otherwise be a really good show.

I will say this, it would have been cool if the Salem witch trials had a little nod to the fact that men wanted to keep women down, not just a star-crossed lover with a happy shiv finger.

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

My The Pro Bowl Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets coupon SIGLER14

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This past Sunday was The Pro Bowl. A lot of people have a lot to say in regards to the event. Most of it surrounds the fact that it is obsolete, that the game doesn't matter.

Well, of course not. As my 4 year old niece would say ... duh!

I personally like The Pro Bowl because of what it is, not what it isn't. It's a chance for players to have some fun. To let go a little bit. To get back to why everyone played the game to begin with. I have to say, the regular season is not fun. I can attest to this when I watched the Green Bay Packers play against the Lions, the Cowboys, and the Seahawks. I was not having any fun. I was a wreck. I'm sure the players were not worried one molecule about enjoying themselves.

That's why I like The Pro Bowl. It's fun. It's fun to see Matt Ryan on the sidelines. It's fun to see Drew Brees throw the ball. I like it. It's kind of like seeing inside the players when they aren't under a microscope.

That's why I am also equally irritated with people who came down on Clay and Jordy celebrating in the end zone even if they were on opposite teams for the day. The truth is, they play on the same team. They were enjoying themselves. It was fun. I smiled. So should everyone else.

It was also fun to see the Andy Dalton is a tool no matter what team he plays for. It was fun to see the Niners players are assholes no matter what the situation. It was fun to see John Harbaugh in probably the worst neon yellow I have ever seen.

The only thing I didn't like about it was that it was in Arizona. Now, I don't like the fact that it was always in Hawaii. That's too far for most NFL fans to go to and enjoy. I like that this game was on the mainland. However, I feel like it was a little bit lazy to have it in Arizona. It was as if the media were like, jeez, can't we just have it in the same place as the Super Bowl so I can get a hotel for two weeks and cheat on my wife?

I also didn't like the fact that it stings a little bit to the players to see all the Super Bowl propaganda all over the place. This is supposed to be a celebration of the best of the best, do not rub their faces in it that they didn't make it to the Super Bowl.

I say keep The Pro Bowl fun. It's the way it should be.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Sleepy Hollow Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets SIGLER14

He looks hot here
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This episode was titled Pittura Infamante. I really wish they would make these titles a little bit easier!

This was a weird episode, they all are really.

In this episode, it opens with Crane trying to find out from Abbie if he dress is up to standards for a date with Katrina. He gives some quip about how he doesn't understand how one can be business casual.

It was a well delivered line. The actor still does triumphantly well with horrible lines delivered in a fashion that somehow makes it okay that he said the dumbest thing on the planet.

Even more weird, is that Katrina wears a modern day dress. I'm not sure why Crane is so adamant about not wearing a normal day suit if he is so concerned about modern definitions of business causal.

Really, the episode goes downhill from there, which isn't saying a lot. There was one more good one-liner joke when Katrina kisses Crane as a means of distraction. That was really it.

To comment about that, I would not need a modern day murder as cause for the need to kiss Ichabod Crane. I would be kissing him all the time.

He also wouldn't have to worry about that suit for long ...

The monster this time around was pretty good, so kuddos to the art department or creature department of whatever. The monster rising out of the floor was really cool. I must say, the special effects in the show are so much better than Grimm. I caught five minutes of that show a week ago and I laughed out loud it was so terrible.

I also liked the idea of the painting and going into the painting and all of that.

However, again, the problem with the show is simply the extremely weak writing and missed opportunities. Katrina's friendship with Mrs. Adams could have been really cool if flushed out. I never really felt any longing from Katrina over Mrs. Adams. It was a missed opportunity.

Orlando Jones must be so annoyed with this show. He is the only good actor on it besides Tom Mison for reasons I explained above. Jones looks pained as Irving, however, I'm not sure if that is great acting or he is pained that the show is so terrible. Either way, his method acting is working.

A wasted talent on the show is Sakina Jaffrey. She is so much better than what this role gives her.

Please Sleepy Hollow, develop your characters more. Give them more meaningful things to say for more meaningful reasons. Use Ms. Jaffrey in a battle of power with Abbie, get rid of Katrina or at least make her less annoying. Give Orlando Jones more airtime and work with the fact that he is nailing this role. Work with the good things, get rid of the bad. It's time for some housekeeping people.

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Monday, January 12, 2015

My The Affair Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets coupon SIGLER14

For the record, he is my fave character
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I watched the Golden Globes yesterday and was shocked that a show called The Affair beat out GoT for best television drama. I'm finding it hard to believe that a show such as GoT that is so popular, HBO is considering changing the way they deliver their shows because of it, was beat out by The Affair. HBO has already admitted they are okay with people downloading GoT or sharing their passwords to watch online. That's just how popular GoT is.

So I thought that I would watch some of The Affair to see what was up.

Now, first off, this isn't solely a review of The Affair on it's own accord, but more in relation to GoT.

GoT is by far the superior show.

The reason GoT is illegally downloaded so much is that you CAN NOT MISS IT. Everyone will be talking about the show the next day on Monday. It is so fantastic. The intrigue, the acting, the set design, the costumes. Everything is impeccable.

Ask someone to pick their favorite character from GoT and it might take awhile. First, you are like oh, for sure Cersei. Then, you are like, no Brienne. Stop, wait, for sure this time it's Tyrion.

You most definitely can not say that about The Affair.

I'm not going to turn down plans to watch the latest The Affair. I would, of course, give some one the stink eye if they wanted to go get a drink when Game of Thrones was on.

Sorry, Golden Globes, but it seems to me you got paid to promote The Affair.

Now, I'm not saying it is a bad show. I'm rather enjoying it. However, no contest.

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