Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Save 10% with 4inkjets coupon SIGLER13

If you live in San Francisco, now is the time to get your work done. In the rest of the country, when it's summer and all warm, people want to be outside! They want to be grilling! Going to the beach with their families.

In San Francisco in the summer, it's cold. Butt cold. It's wet, sort of raining but maybe actually just fog. So summer is the perfect time to get caught up on work. Therefore, if you are going to be working a lot, you will be going through all of your printer supplies.

That's okay San Franciscans! 4inkjets is here to the rescue. 

4inkjets has all of your printer, ink toner and laser toner needs. Not only do they have the merchandise that you want -- they provide it for 10% off with 4inkjets coupon SIGLER13!

Go check it out now, you will be happy that you did. 

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