Monday, May 26, 2014

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This blog is made possible thanks to 4inkjets coupon STORYTIME14.

This episode was very interesting. I liked the fact that Peggy and Don found common ground together again. That was mostly because Peggy finally realized that Don doesn't have to be her enemy. Don has always been her mentor, her go to person. Don respects her more than any other woman in his life. More than Megan, more than Betty. 

I really do hope that don't make it a romantic thing. Can't there just be a mutual respect between them?

I also love Pete. Pete was the worst when the show began. Always at odds with Don. Now, as the years have passed, Pete is more secure at work, he is one of the only people on Don's side.  Pretty cool to watch.

Pretty cool to watch Don get excited to make the pitch too, like he knows he's getting back into their good graces.

The final scene was good as well. The show revolving around the pitch that the burger joint is when a family can enjoy family time around a dinner table. I feel, and I'm sure others have, which pushed the show in this direction, was that we have gotten away from the characters we care most about in the show. Don, Peggy, Pete, Joan, and Roger. They are the "family" we care about.

Good scene.

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