Sunday, April 20, 2014

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I'm so excited for Mad Men tonight. We got a glimpse into the new season last week with the return of Don Draper and the gang. So far, our beloved heroine Peggy, is having difficulty with her new boss, the Draper replacement. They do a good job of making him a jerk -- racist and not in any way impressed by Peggy. It makes sense to have a character like this on the show. Racism was terrible during the late 60's and early 70's. This guy personifies it.

Roger seems to still be testing the waters in an alternate type of society still. It really does make him seem weak, not the cool, free vibe that I think he is trying to go for. He needs to get it together.

Seeing Pete again was a delight. His jovial California loving mystique is kind of cool to see. before he left for California, he definitely had a gray, worn out look about him. I look forward to where he is headed this season.

When do we get to see Betty! I'm tired of not being able to see this character.

As for Don, he managed to stay away from the lady on the plane, but, at this point, why is Megan being so stand-offish? That doesn't make sense. He is working on not drinking. He's trying to be there for her. It begs the question that when she was working on advertising, and they were a real couple, if things could have worked out. She seems more into being famous than being with Don. Plus, her need of approval from all those around her, whether it be casting directors, or her friends, is very telling of her character. Which is, that she has none.

I can't wait for tonight!

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