Monday, April 21, 2014

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Mad Men last night was so good. I really liked the whole back and forth with the secretaries. All of the nuances that were involved. I especially liked the fact that although Dawn is a completely capable woman, the racist Lou berates her for not having an extra sense to know that Sally was going to come to the office. I love the fact, that despite her knowing that she really shouldn't, she states her mind. good for her. It shows how hard it must have been for an African-American woman, working in a man's world, to navigate. Dawn just isn't working for herself, but for all of the women who will come behind her. Elegant writing on the part of Man Men.

Joan getting her own office is also cool. A lot of the episode was spent on not so subtle race relations. However, the part about Joan reiterates that women don't have it so easy in general. Joan has had to work so hard to get to where she is, harder than anyone else in the office -- even Peggy. Every time a woman advances in that office, it is due to a whim by a man. Don decides to give Peggy a chance. Don gives Megan a chance. Jim Cutler gives Joan the rightful position that she has in title, but not in actuality. All very cool.

As for Don, the scene where he dresses just for Dawn to come by to give him his messages is heart-breaking. Having to tell his daughter Sally what is really going on -- so touching. The fact that Sally tells him he loves her -- is amazing. It shows that this relationship is perhaps the one that can reel him back in from the depths of despair.

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