Monday, May 5, 2014

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This blog is made possible thanks to 4inkjets coupon STORYTIME14

Mad Men this week was very interesting. I'm not sure what I think about it. I guess I'm so used to so much happening all the time, that when a lot doesn't happen, I'm slightly disappointed.

I will tell you what I did like, no love -- Lou. He has a dilemma on his hands at that agency. The show highlighted it well. There are three bosses for creative. Lou needs to eliminate Don as a rival. He also hates Peggy, because she is a woman. Man, that guy is awful. So what does he do? Tries to kill two birds with one stone. He gives "sweetheart" a raise because Peggy is so desperate for approval, Lou knows this is a way to get to her. Peggy doesn't even see this. She's too happy blindly being giddy she got her recognition. The poor fool doesn't realize that in that office game, she is getting played.

It also solves another problem for Lou -- Don. He makes Peggy put him on her creative team -- so that Don has to answer to Peggy as his boss. Oh, man. From a strategy standpoint, well done Lou.

Don does what most of us would do, implode. I mean, really. Ask yourself how'd you behave in that situation.

On a side note, how awesome is Harry Hamlin?

Looking forward to next week, but, really? Only three more episodes? It's kind of irritating.

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