Friday, December 5, 2014

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This week's episode gave us what everyone wanted. It was Henry making the right choice and choosing his parents. Ichabod and Katrina weren't sure if they could kill Henry, but Henry came through anyway -- with much convincing.

I guess what really convinced him was how heartless Moloch was toward Henry. This was who he truly considered his father, and yet, Moloch did not care for him. Uh, duh.

When Ichabod was willing to sacrifice himself to save Katrina, Henry saw that he could not let Moloch kill them. Well, also, there would be no show.

I hope we get to find out if the captain was able to save his soul before he died. It doesn't seem so, as he died before Moloch, but I'm sure they will find a way around that.

This show is almost there at being good, but it still disappoints. For me, I guess it's that we have this emotional scene taking place, and my heart is not in it. I think it is the writing. It's weird, it all happens to fast and too slow. Too slow for Henry to realize over multiple, multiple episodes that Moloch does not have his best interests at heart, and then once the climax comes, it's over so fast, much like the plot line with the mother.

I will keep giving it a chance though, as it is on Hulu plus for me, and therefore, I will eventually get to this series.

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