Wednesday, November 19, 2014

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This episode was titled Momma.

This episode was much better than those of recent past. Mostly, because there was a bit more character development. We finally got to have an episode with the sisters' mother. It was good piece of character interaction.

Another good part of the episode was the fact that Ichabod was sick. Again, when this show has a little fun, and tries to be humorous, it succeeds.  The gentleman that plays Ichabod is a good actor, and this show really highlights his strengths.

Abbie, again, is a terrible actress. She really only has a few tricks up her sleeve and then she runs out. She can not truly convey emotion, and she does not understand subtleties. This episode could have been way better with a better actress at the helm. She is strikingly beautiful, and clearly why she got the job, but perhaps she could take an acting class between seasons. She does have good chemistry with Ichabod, but, at this point, one has to ask themselves if it is because they have good chemistry together, or, if when she has scenes with him, his skill elevates the scene.

The show misses its chance once again to have a more intriguing episode. The mother was a great asset and they did not fully utilize her. A one and done episode with her seems extremely lacking. The show seems to forget that it is wholly possible to have more than one episode with a character. Every episode does not have to complete. A few episodes with the mother would have been great. Flesh out what it was like for the mother in the insane asylum. Spend more time with the sisters interacting on behalf of their mother. Abbie could have been locked up longer in the asylum. Show the blonde guy getting increasingly worried for Abbie. None of this happened. The show really is not understanding character development at all.

I feel like I like the show more for its potential, than for what it actually brings to the table.

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