Wednesday, November 12, 2014

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This week's episode was called Heartless. The main premise of the episode was that Ichabod, Abbie and Katrina are fighting against a Succubus.

I feel like the season is losing its edge. The problem is, nothing is moved forward. I don't know why the trio don't just give up at this point. It's an exhausting amount of work when just new baddies come into each episode and nothing new happens with the over arching storyline.

Yes, Harry is bad. Yes, Abbie is right. No, Katrina is wrong about Henry.

However, can you really chance the whole worlds survival based on the fact he was your son? It just doesn't make sense. He's one of the four horseman for Peete's sake. Get over it already.

I think I am beginning to agree with other people who watch the show. Something has to move it forward at this point. I'm tired of seeing them fight monsters, but overall nothing really happens.

I like we they insert humor into the show. The humor part of it is great. Why don't the writers realize this? No, not every episode can we have Ichabod and Katrina watching The Bachelor, but I am sure there are more ways to insert some humor.

Here is some examples of what you could. Move the story forward with Henry. Is he bad or good? That can remain the question, but there is no conflict here. He's bad right now. He has not ever shown that he wants to be good. If you want more dilemma, present a dilemma for Henry. Make us want to side with Katrina if you want it to be more interesting. Right now Henry has the potential to be a good character, but he is flat.

As for the Succubus storyline, there wasn't much there. That's the problem. I can't even write a good recap because that is pretty much it. The creature was okay. Yet, meh.

All good television shows have good characters and good character development. Why not cause an issue between Abbie and her sister Jenny? Why not set up a longer betrayal between Katrina and Ichabod, or even better, set it up where Katrina betrays Abbie. That would be good. Then what would Ichabod do? Who would he choose? His friend, or his lovely wife that isn't really all that on his side.

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