Tuesday, April 7, 2015

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This episode is titled Marco.

This was the season finale of Better Call Saul.

I really liked the fact that the episode completed the arc. It was one long story over the season to tell how how Jimmy turned bad. What were his motives, his reasons. Now we know. He tried to be good for his brother, he wanted to be good for his brother. His brother failed him.

At no point were his merits enough. That shined through to me. He's not enough for Kim. He's not enough to take a chance on at the law firm. His brother won't take a chance on him. Even the new law firm won't take a chance on him -- he needs to interview. Really? He's got to be thinking to himself what the fuck do I have to do to get any respect around here. He even asks Kim what she had to do to get this done for him. It couldn't possibly be due to his own merits. He then asks himself the hard question if he is really gonna jump through hoops to impress these people. Why?

Yes, he called what was going to happen to his friend Marco. Marco was gonna still be sitting on that bar stool in 10 years. Yup, that's exactly what happened.

Yet, when Jimmy says this to his friend he is desperate to please Chuck. Chuck is offering him something to make his life better.

But guess what, Jimmy's life wasn't better. And, in a way, was Marco's? He was in an awful job and living in some God-awful basement apartment. What did doing it the right way get any of them?

I think that's what Jimmy came to the conclusion at the end. He didn't want to jump through anymore hoops to prove himself for a life that really didn't want him, and a life that really wasn't that great anyways. What would it get him? Boredom like Kim? Insane like Chuck?

I liked the episode very much. I, for one, am looking forward to next year.

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