Saturday, April 4, 2015

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One of which, is Better Call Saul.

This episode was called "Pimento".

What I liked about this episode was the rise and the fall of Jimmy in one quick stroke. He is so successful with his fraud suit, that Chuck states they can't possibly perform all of the work themselves. Despite Jimmy's initial protest to working for the firm and handing over the business, he agrees. He is willing to work with his nemesis if that means working on a class action lawsuit, and, probably more important to Jimmy, getting a chance to work with his brother.

How short lived that elation was.

Jimmy assists his brother to getting to the law firm, and they meet with Hamlin. Everything seems to be going great until Jimmy wants an office in the building. Hamlin firmly tells Jimmy no, and Jimmy tells him to go to hell.

It is later revealed that it was Chuck all along that didn't want Jimmy there. What a betrayal, after everything Jimmy has done for Chuck. How Jimmy has idolized Chuck. All Jimmy wanted was Chuck's approval. Not only does Chuck not approve, but adamantly disapproves and dare I say, loathes his brother.

This crushes Jimmy. Why wouldn't it? For the most part, Chuck's concerns are completely without merit. Yes, Jimmy got a cheap law degree. Yet it was Chuck who kept Jimmy down. Jimmy is actually a great lawyer. He found something in the elder law claim that even Chuck didn't see - the interstate fraud. Jimmy knew how to apply the law. On a family note, it is Jimmy who gladly stands by his brother in his time of need. Chuck begrudgingly got Jimmy out of jail years before. If you add it all up, it is Jimmy who is the far superior brother than Chuck. Jimmy has done more with less that his brother ever could. Who knows how good of a lawyer Jimmy would have been if he could have just gotten one foot in the door.

As for Mike, wow. What an episode. I loved how he was so badass and how with the few words of dialogue given to him, he conveys so much. It takes a great actor to be able to convey the badass nature of Mike without having the dialogue. Mike doesn't need dialogue. He is self-assured awesomeness. Love him.

Can't wait for the finale next week!

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