Sunday, April 19, 2015

My Game of Thrones Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets coupon SIGLER14

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This weeks Game of Thrones was great! It was titled House of Black and White.

We get another look at Aria this week. She travels a great distance to get to Braavos. She is turned away by an older gentleman at the black and white gate. She sits there all night reiterating her hate list despite not being able to get through the doors. As if she has made her resolve to go it alone, she tosses her coin into the water, and goes on her way.

First of all, no one tosses the coin. Never. Ever. Not going to happen. You may leave your perch on the stairs, but you do not toss the coin.

Young Aria meets with a crew of boys who are less than cordial. She goes to fight them off, only for the older gentleman to remerge and show himself to be Jaqen. Arya goes behind those very doors she couldn't get into before with Jaqen. I'm assuming she will come back out a new person.

Our Dragon Queen had a rough week. She makes some costly decision that turns her free-slave followers against her. Looks like she has to make some even tougher decisions to get back her standing back as their queen and to get back on her path to the iron throne. There was one cool scene where we get to see the big dragon back. It looks like it wants some pets, but then changes it's mind. That thing was bad ass.

Then there was poor Brienne. Looks like that girl is the least liked on the playground. No one wants her help!

Lastly, our boy Jon Snow gets voted into office. For someone who says he doesn't want it, he looks pretty happy when he gets it. That other dude? Not so happy. Looks like it's going to be problematic.

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