Monday, April 27, 2015

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This week's episode was super interesting (for those of us who didn't cheat and watch ahead). We didn't see any of the Queen of Dragons, but we did see a lot of Sad Sansa and Jon Snow.

The Jon Snow thing was great. I like how the theme of these past few episodes is what these characters will do with power once they have it. How does one lead? I think Jon Snow did a great job. He was lenient with the one guy, Thorne, by giving him some control, letting him save face, but as for his buddy that got all cowardly when the Wildlings attacked, Slynt, Jon ships him off to that remote castle. He refuses, puts up a big stink, and then makes Jon make a decision.

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And in my opinion, he makes the right one. He sets an example to everyone, including Thorne, that while Jon might be new at the leadership role, and take in all sides, this does not make him soft. With some mild television hesitation, Jon chops off his head. Also, to note, to Stannis' approval. I think perhaps Jon Snow's brother, Robb Stark could've learned a thing or two from Jon.

As for Sad Sansa, poor Sansa. My goodness, she has had a tough run of it. One wish to be a Queen, and look where it leads her. Now she is to be married off to the son of the man who killed her mother and her brother? Previously she was almost married to the guy who killed her father. This girl really has had a go of it. Plus, two absolute sadists.

However, this will lead to some very, very good television.

On a side note, I don't think that Jorah is really taking Tyrion to Cersei, I think he is taking him to the Queen of Dragons.

Until next time.

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