Monday, May 4, 2015

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In this week's episode my favorite stuff was Sad Sansa and Jon Snow. Everyone else just seemed to be moving their pawns forward for future show spotlights.

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Sad Sansa is now at Winterfell in the crypt reminiscing about lost loved ones and wondering what will happen to her. Here we learn that Littlefinger is off to see Cersei. However, before he goes, he has some advice for Sansa, get Ramsay under your control. He alludes to her womanly charms, much like how Margaery has controlled all of her kings. I'm not sure here if Littlefinger has misjudged how terrible Ramsay is and if he really thought out this plan. He hopes that Sansa will become the Queen of Winterfell, once Stannis puts down the Boltons. It will be interesting to see how this develops. I can't tell if Littlefinger really does like Sansa or not. I don't think so. He's always been out for himself. Plus, she's just so sad.

image courtesy of hollywood life
As for Jon Snow, I loved the fact that he turned down the witch for sex. Nothing good can come from that woman. I liked that he had enough gumption to turn her down. However, the witch did get a good stinger in there at the end, I mean no woman likes to be turned down. She says "You know nothing, Jon Snow." A certain Ygritte had said that to Jon before. Makes me wonder how the witch knew that by the way.

Other random stuff:

  • Grey Worm got his ass handed to him, but the old King's Guard swordsman went out swinging, taking a ton of people with him. I'm assuming Grey Worm lives here. 
  • The littlest prince backed down from the religious cult. That's always a bad decision. 
  • Seems Cersei has no problem putting her littlest prince in harm's way if that means Cersei gets to remain in control, although, she is doing a bad job of it. 
  • Jamie Lannister got a bit of confidence this week. 
  • There seems to be three young lady warriors now. I don't care. I'd rather watch Arya. Plus, I miss The Hound. 
  • There was barely any Tyrion and he was underutilized again this week. 

Looking forward to next week.

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