Monday, May 11, 2015

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This week's episode is called Kill The Boy.

This is in reference to Jon Snow. He wants to bring the Wildlings into the North, past the wall. His thoughts are excellent. Winter is coming and they will need all the help that they can get. Also, I hadn't really thought of this, but most of the Wildlings might die and be turned into White Walkers if left north of the wall. Very, very smart thinking Jon Snow. I was very impressed with this forward thinking.

His problem is a tricky one. He knows what is best for all involved, but like all things in life, people have a hard time letting go of their prejudices even if it is for the greater good. Apparently, the 7 Kingdoms are not much different than the world in which we live in.

Daenerys is also having a time of it. I love how both these characters are dealing with the struggles of power simultaneously and with pretty much the same obstacles.  Daenerys is having trouble leading, because the people don't want it, even though it was in their best interest. Now, Daenerys has lost one of her own, and another is very wounded. Ideally, she would want everyone to love her since she set them free. That didn't happen. Now, does she seek full vengeance? That's not really an option either. So she uses intimidation -- her dragons. I'd really like to see these dragons get house trained. That would be much cooler than keeping them in chains. Maybe she can talk to her family in the North and see what they did to keep their dragons under control.

We did get some brief glimpses of Sad Sansa, but it was mostly in relation to Reek and Ramsay. I swear, they did some great casting with the actor who plays Ramsay. That dude conveys evil, sadistic evil. Kudos dude. He holds Reek over the head of Sansa. As much as we want to feel bad for Reek, he kinda, sorta brought this all on himself. He, too, thought power would be easy to hold onto, and it cost him dearly. While Reek didn't kill the two youngest Stark boys, he did betray Robb, which ultimately led to his death. Reek is no innocent here. However, well done Reek, don't blurt out that the boys are still alive, that is your only card for getting out of this situation.

Two out of the three families that brought death to Sansa's family are in that dining room with her -- and I thought my family dinners were uncomfortable!

Lastly, we have my favorite, Tyrion. He is going through the waters of Valyrian. Apparently, this was a great society that has fallen to ruins, although, I'm not sure why. Maybe other people know why, those who read the books, but this seems only vaguely eluded to. However, of more important note, the Stone Men live here. They are kinda like Lepers. You can't touch them our you get some greyscale. The Stone Men of course attack the boat and Tyrion is pulled under water. However, he does not get the greyscale. Huh? This is much like the convoluted mess that is in The Walking Dead as to becoming a Walker either by death or being bitten. I still don't understand the "science" behind that one. Id you already have Walker disease, does biting speed up the process? What if it's not a death bite? Doesn't make sense, nor does this. Tyrion got touched by a Stone Man under the water on his boot. So the boot protected him or was it the water?

I'd burn those clothes if I were Tyrion.

Can't wait until next week!

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