Monday, May 18, 2015

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Now for my thoughts on this week's GoT.

Poor Sad Sansa, we all saw that coming -- things weren't going to go well for her. I know we all kinda hoped, by some small miracle, that Ramsay wouldn't be horrifying to her, but ... life in the 7 Kingdoms is not a nice one. The show always surprises me though, having Theon watch -- hard core.

The question now is, will Theon stick up for Sansa or is he so beat down he will turn on her given the chance? He turned on his own sister, but he barely knew her. Plus, he didn't watch her get raped. Often times, in the real world, people who are abused come forward when someone else falls prey. Perhaps that's the case here.

Cersei, don't fuck with Cersei, that's what this really comes down to. However, one can't help but think the Queen Olenna has been around, and successful, for a long while. I would not count her out quite yet. I have to admit, good play by Cersei to gain even more leverage. She took down Queen Margaery - either by sentencing her to death or by a bargaining chip, it really doesn't matter. Point, Cersei. Poor King T though, he looked like someone took his new puppy.

Even more impressive is Littlefinger. That dude is as snaky as they come. I'm not sure what his play is, but either way, he wins. The question is, what would he like to see happen -- I don't think he cares. He's in a position now where all three scenarios work, except if Stannis wins. That's the only one that can't happen for Littlefinger.

As for Tyrion, I love him. We are back with his strong suits in this episode -- him talking his way out of something. I loved his line about his, well, you know. Classic Tyrion!

I for one am excited to see Jorah in the fighting pits!

We have seen that people can survive the Greyscale, so I really don't know what will happen with Jorah.

I look forward to finding out.

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