Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Game of Thrones Thoughts blog thanks to 4inkjets coupon SIGLER14

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The episode is entitled The Gift.

I liked this episode, save for the fact that if we are getting ahead of the books, that the writers are going to keep stealing from movies like The Gladiator. I mean, come on. Just stop it already. That was f'ing lazy.

I haven't read the books, so I don't really care who or what does the writing, just don't be lazy.

Who didn't see it coming that Reek was going to betray Sansa. I mean, that also was way too expected. It made it sting a little bit less, but it was definitely foretold.

I personally thought we would see Ramsay just knock down the tower. I thought that would be really cool. Plus, that's most definitely a sign.

On a side note, what kid of sign does Brienne need besides a candle? I can't wait to see what finally forces her into this sadistic camp in order to rescue Sansa.

I would like to back track for a second here. How stupid was Sansa for trusting Reek? The guy quivers constantly. I know. How about ask around? So, hey, how did Reek get here? It's like Sansa learned nothing from her time in King's Landing with Joffrey.  Also Reek insists his name is not Theon, who would trust him at this point? Sad Sansa.

I'm really excited to see where the Tyrion thing goes with the Queen of Dragons. That should be really interesting. I have no guesses. I'm just trying to enjoy the ride.

Really, now we are going to kill the poor Stannis daughter? That seems like this poor young girl has gone through too much for that. Her mother obviously hates her. The witch is pulling a story right out of the bible, which, again, seems like lazy storytelling. I'm not sure I like where that is going.

As for Jon Snow, I get that all sides mistrust each other, the Wildlings and the Knights of the Watch, but, haven't we all seen White Walkers by now? I hope they don't spend too much time on the ridiculous nature of not trusting Jon Snow.

I do think it could be cool, I just want them to tread lightly on the overkill.

As for Cersei, that was so super awesome. I would never, ever let myself be cornered by those freaks. Even her young son was smarter than to individually go up against them. I do hope she murders them all. I was getting those vibes from the leader when Queen Olenna was talking to him. I was like "he's looking at you like he wants to throw you in jail, too"!

Yet, it was Cersei he nabbed.

I can't wait for next week!

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