Monday, June 1, 2015

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I love to blog about Game of Thrones, it's one of my favorite television shows.

This week's episode is titled Hardhome.

This was a very good episode.

I won't spend any time on the Arya storyline - who cares?

I know everyone is excited about seeing the Queen of Dragons and Tyrion together, but am I the only one who really only cares that we get to see Tyrion?

I loved to watch Tyrion actually get to have some great dialogue. He has been traipsing around the seven kingdoms and has barely had in good quips. I loved the scene where he carefully defended Jorah and sentenced him out of Meereen. Very good advising already! He can't go completely against Jorah, because the man can be helpful. He can't have him there advising Dany, because that is his new job,and he can't kill him either. Smart! And he won over the Queen of Dragons! Nice!

Sad Sansa learned something we all knew, like, 400 episodes ago.

I would be sad if this is the way Cersei goes out. She's too fun. Plus, I want to see her make good on her promise to kill that wicked witch.

Now, the best part - the White Walkers.

First, my complaint.

Really? I mean, honestly? We have been hearing about Winter coming for decades now. So long that in fact it's super annoying. I could just imagine a teenager behind the wall being like "dad, gosh, I KNOW! Winter is coming, jeez. Stop saying it already!"

I would have liked to have seen Jon Snow say, "Wow, what a cowinky-dink? We come to the Wildlings and that's the exact second Winter decided to show up? Weird!"

It was mildly annoying and a little, I don't know, sudden, in a weird kind of way. It's just Jon Snow just went over to get the Wildlings and Winter comes up over the hill. I don't know ...

However ....

I loved it! Finally! All this talk about White Walkers and Winter -- it has been worth it! So super great! Also, to back track, what a great scene with Jon Snow and the elder table or whatever. That was cool. So was Wildling guy killing bones guy -- that was dope. Plus, I loved watching all those Wildlings getting on the boats and knowing something shitty was gonna happen to the ones left behind (just not so soon).

Also, was anyone else impressed with the Walkers gong over the wall? I was. I also thought it was really cool when they reanimated from the fall. Badass.

I thought he was gonna freeze the water here
It does truly reinforce what the Night's Watch have been saying all along. The game of thrones isn't going to matter when those White Walkers come.

Tyrion said there are no Valyrians left to follow Dany. However, it seems the Valyrians have been prepared for Winter for a long time.

Dragons (Valyrian) are going to melt the shit out of the WW.

Valyrian steel kills WW.

Dragon glass (comes from Valyria).

Seems to me Dany will be the answer.

Can't wait, only two more episodes left this season! Thankfully, it's finally gotten good!

(Ps, really liked that Wildling lady. Why did she have to die? Plus, really? She wouldn't try and live for her own children? She would rather die at the hands of WW? Lame.)


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