Monday, June 8, 2015

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I'm fairly certain he is the traitor
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And now onto GoT.

I thought this episode was okay. I really want someone to tell me why this season isn't as good as the others. I can't quite put my finger on it.

I loved the fact that Jon Snow was let through the wall. It was pretty questionable that that would happen. However, after what the Wildlings have been through and Jon Snow and his convoy, are we really going to argue the logic behind Jon Snow bringing in the Wildlings? I think not. So kinda stupid.

As for Shireen, that was awful. However, again, the writing for some reason didn't make it remarkably sad? The red wedding seemed so much more heart-wrenching. I'd love someone to dissect why that was. Was it because we didn't see it coming? Was the writing better? The acting better? The cinematography?

Davos was clearly sent away because Stannis knew he would try and stop the execution. It was an execution. Sacrifice seems, I don't know, too something. It was murder. Plus, when Lady Stark watched Robb get killed we felt her pain. I didn't feel anything for the mother of Shireen. She's a bitch and doesn't deserve to pretend like she cared for her daughter. Stannis can now get gutted alive by a White Walker for all I care. If he wins the throne, is it even worth it? You killed your own daughter!

The end with Dany was interesting. Does the big dragon know she chained up the other 2? Would Drogon be so quick to save his mother if he knew his siblings were chained to a wall?

I'm not sure what I make of all of it. I'm fairly certain the dude Dany was gonna marry set up that coup. Either him or the guy she us sleeping with.

Also, kudos to Tyrion for saving the girl -- I liked it!

Also, my favorite part of the dragon was when it walked toward Dany. Super muscular and all badass. I loved it.

Next week is the finale. Although this season has been iffy, I am still excited for the finale. I think it's telling that it's weird the season is already over. I sort of feel like nothing has happened?

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