Monday, June 15, 2015

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Oh my God! Wow! That was craziness!

Darn it all that was the season finale episode!

First off, Dany. Why you busting your dragon's balls? Calm down. The dude got you out of a serious situation. Stop being petulant and whining at him. Give him a chance to rest and literally lick his wounds.

Serves you right for getting surrounded by the Dothraki.

Then there is Sad Sansa and Sad Reek. Good job finally stepping up to the plate Reek. I will enjoy calling you Theon again.

Oh, and to anyone who thinks that they didn't survive that fall, don't be stupid. Of course they survived.

Arya? Dude. Give up on being a no face. You want revenge. Stop lying to yourself.

Poor Jon Snow.  I'm finding it a little hard to believe that once the Wildlings came back and told the other people from The Watch what happened to their people at the hands of the White Walkers that everyone would be more focused on the White Walkers than getting revenge on the Wildlings. How f'ing short-sighted. I hope all those that stabbed Snow die at the hands of the White Walkers and then Jon Snow cuts their heads off with his Valayrian Steel. I'm also pretty sure that the Red Witch brings Snow back to life or some bullshit. It's getting tot he point where magic is going to start to be used. That's just the way these things work out once they get so fantastical.

Back to the Red Witch. Wow, way to cut and run. Poor Stannis. He sees his wife hanging, learns half his forces deserted, and then the Red Witch left him? I'm sure he knew he would be walking into certain death at that point. He must've wanted to get some anger out at how stupid he was. How stupid to burn your own child. Family first.

I did like the fact that Brienne was the one who killed Stannis. She got what she has wanted for a really long time and Stannis died with a certain level of dignity.

I liked the moment between Tyrion and Varys. They are so good together. Maybe the best onscreen couple?

As for poor Jaime. He finally gets to be the father he was never allowed to be. No one every looks at Jaime and thinks he deserves such love. Now, basically a sweet saint of a girl, looks at him with love in her eyes and says she is happy he is her father.

Ugh. Poor Jamie. No one appreciated what he did for the Kingdom, and he could never be appreciated as a father -- both sad, sad endings to his life story.

This si also not going to bode well for his relationship with Cersei. She already thinks he is useless, and now he fails her on this? Oh, it's going to be bad.

Plus, the timing. Cersei just went through the worst thing in her life and for Jaime to then lay at her feet the death of her daughter -- the one thing she truly cares about - her kids? Oh, it's going to go so badly for him.

As for the walk of shame, my God. What a great scene. First of all, it was tastefully done. Second of all, my lord was her body amazing. Well done Lena, well done.

Also, besides her beauty, well, well done on the acting Lena. You conveyed every emotion without uttering one word. That is so hard to do. You conveyed the humiliation, the desperation of your situation, the fight in Cersei, the shame -- all of it. You felt how strong of a woman Cersei was knowing how badly she just wanted her misery to end, but being strong enough to make into the safety of her own walls. The vulnerability she displayed once in her own walls, the sobbing. It was tremendous. If you don't get the Emmy, there is no justice in the world.

Can't wait until next season!

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