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Poor Vince Vaughn
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True Detective Season 2 was off to a bad start. Most of this episode was a shit-show too.

Here are the problems I had with episode 2.

I could't hear a damn thing. Seriously, do I have bad speakers? What is the sound production budget on this show? I feel like I was straining to hear everything. Also, what the hell is going on? Is everyone mumbling? Talking to fast? I spend most of the time trying to pause and recreate the sentence in my head. That's bad writing 101. The reader/viewer should not spend their time trying to figure stuff out, they should be lost in the story. I'm not saying we shouldn't be challenged by a plot thread but I should hear the thread and vaguely know what's going on.

I should not have to read other people's recaps to understand what's going on. I also feel like the show paid some writers to write about the show so that the information could be disseminated.

Anyway, poor Vince Vaughn again this week.

I feel like someone is mocking him.

He is given the worst dialogue, the most pretentious dialogue, and the most terrible direction. I know you wanted out of the comedy hole you were shoveled into, but I'm sorry this was your way out.

That opening sequence with him unable to sleep was just too much. That Rorschach test was just a head shaker.

I also get that we are talking about masculinity this season, I agree with other writers out there. What does it mean to Frank to have his father, a man, lock him in the basement and be almost eaten by rats? What kind of man does that make Frank? What kind of man does it take to be a mobster and what does that look like? Frank is no scarface Al Pacino. He is weak, and looking to be legit in his life, and he doesn't want to be forced to be a mobster anymore.

What does it mean to Paul? He has to take Viagra to get an erection with his girlfriend and it is now called into question whether or not he needs to take Viagra to have an erection with a girl at all? He strives very hard to let it be done that he is not the one breaking up with his girlfriend. What is he trying to prove and to whom? Is he trying to prove that he did not sabotage a relationship with a woman? What is his worldview on masculinity? Is he tortured from the burns caused by what? Is that his issue? Father induced? Incest induced from his prostitute mother? I'm sure we will be filtered into this narrative by the writers choosing.

As for Ani, that is also a lesson in the expectations of gender identity and what it means. Also, on a side note, I feel like we are also grappling with what people find acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Ani finds her father and sister to be unacceptable, yet she shirks a potential important lead to continue to watch kinky porn. This is also at the root of why this politician was murdered. Her gender identity of what is female is driven home with her conversation about knives. She feels ultimately the lesser powerful of the sexes, yet, she is more than willing, and angrily so, to make up for that with her use and possession of knives. This is sure, SURE to come into play, not only in the future of this character, but what happened to her in the past to secure this mindset.

And finally, to our lost soul Velcoro, he certainly met with an untimely death or a horrific hospital stay. However, if the first season is any indication when Matthew McConaughey managed to live, so will Velcoro. Plus, how would they know where he was? Does the killer/shooter call it in? I think not.

This scene may have saved the show. I can't be the only one who was going to give up on the show. I certainly was going to give up when he holstered his weapon. When one sees a big pool of blood on the floor, I know my first inclination is to holster my weapon because ... I can't even finish that sentence it is all so ridiculous.

I liked Colin Farrell in the show, I hope he's not dead.

I liked the bird mask that was missing, and I liked the connection with the bird in the first episode that was sitting in the front passenger seat. Clearly a thread.

On a side note, I also liked the whole autopsy scene, I thought that was pretty cool.

Until next week.

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