Tuesday, July 7, 2015

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Now my thoughts on True Detective.

So Colin is not dead. While I am so happy that he is still in the show, it was a bit of poor writing and clearly just a headline grabber. Viewers do not like to feel abused. I feel a little taken advantage of.

However, as he and Rachael (I've decided to just call them by their acting names this blog) are clearly the best in the show, it would have been devastating to lose him.

I thought the scene between those two when they were chasing the masked man were great. It showed them bonding and perhaps beginning to trust each other. I thought that was enticing. I also liked it when Rachael hovered at the door to hear what was going on, nice.

I thought Colin totally sold the ...great, I pissed myself part. Plus, the writing for Rachael there was great. Not even for one second, even after a fellow law enforcer got shot, can she have any sense of graciousness. She has to call him out on peeing his pants. That was an excellent bit of character development -- showing just how hard she is to the core. No grace.

We had a bit more of the Taylor Kitsch I hate the fact I'm gay thing.


As for Vince, he seemed so on the verge of getting into a legitimate business and now that is all up int air. It is forcing him to revert to his old ways of being a thug, a street fighter, and a hustler. Things he wanted to elevate himself above.

I wasn't buying the scene where he beats the shit out of that one guy. He doesn't give the sense of pent up anger that Rachael and Colin do. The only good part of that duo is whomever plays Vince's wife. She's great.

Every time Vince is on the screen, I know if is Vince Vaughn. I can not suspend belief. I'm finally utterly committed to the fact he was a terrible casting choice.

Colin's original partner, the guy who worked on Deadwood -- he would have been a better choice as a king pin. They have him so absolutely under utilized in this series that you would never know that he would excel as a kingpin.

So, overall, not a terrible episode, but I still feel like I'm watching amateur hour.

Oh, on a side note, I'm not getting into the ridiculous opening sequence or how stupid it all is that now we are including the movie making business. Yuck. Also, was I the only one who completely missed the fact Vince's companion also had his eyes worked out with acid?

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