Monday, July 13, 2015

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Here are my thoughts on True Detective episode titled Down Will Come.

Overall, the story makes no sense. We all know it. We have been given no new information. There are too many threads in the police force to follow and too many sections of it to truly understand what is going on.

I don't need to recap my thoughts on this, nor does anyone else. It's a waste of time. We all know it.

We all also know that everyone is working against everyone else and no one can be trusted to do the right thing. We also know that the writers have told us no new information since episode one. Save for a few tidbits about spoiled land, a #2 to Vince that is clearly working against him, and that there is a connection between Rachael's father, the good doctor, and dead guy.

This is not news worthy, nor is it necessary to be this far into the season without any new story.

We also know that the best actors are in order:


There is no disputing these facts.

Everyone needs to stop recapping that.

I, for one, liked the shoot 'em up scene. I liked watching Rachael unravel.

It was annoying that we then had to pan to everyone else unraveling.

Too much.

Was all the money spent of the set up for the shoot 'em up that we still couldn't get better CGI of when someone is driving the car? The CGI is so distracting.

That's all I really have to say. I want to say they need to fix this show really quick, but sadly, you know the whole thing has already wrapped.

Man, it has glimmers, but even those glimmers don't shine bright.

I feel like someone needs to tell the show runners that the most important thing is always characters, then story, and then everything else.

True Detectives Season 2 didn't seem to get that memo.

One example of this. I didn't watch a great deal of Buffy, but one thing for sure is that the special effects weren't out of this world. The story could be fluffy at times. However, what made the show so good was the characters, how they interacted, and their story arcs.

These writers could learn a thing or two about writing from a teen television show from the 90's


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