Monday, July 20, 2015

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Only actor who has any material to work with
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Now, onto my recap of True Detective Episode 5 Other Lives.

So, we catch up with the story 3 months later. All the detectives or whatever their positions are have been reassigned or they have quit.

Colin has quit, but he is working for Vince. He quit because he realizes what went down with the shootout was a colossal cover up, shakedown and set up.

He'd finally had enough.

I read something somewhere about the reason why he shaved his moustache. The reason is he is removing his mask. I don't know about that.

Rachael is doing evidence and TK is a detective now, he actually got a promotion, but all are miserable.

Somehow, they have all been asked to now secretly try and figure out why there are blue diamonds. I'm not sure what this lady wants now or why she got involved. I think somehow she too got screwed on the shootout deal, but this was totally unclear. I think they mentioned about the new governor or something or some kind of politician, but, again, totally unclear.

If I had to sum up this season I would say the keyword would be unclear. It's unclear why I should care, it's unclear if there really is more to this plot that requires 8 episodes or if it goes beyond a corrupt politician who got killed due to either his kinky sex life, his train deals, or both. Can't we just say both and end it all there? Does it really drive the plot anywhere more that it will be involved with Rachael's dad? I don't care. Do I care if the plastic surgeon is more involved than he says he is? No. This show is running on the false assumption that we care about any of these people. That's it's downfall. It's so proud of itself that it forgot to make us care. I can tell you, the only reason people are watching anymore is to be (hopefully) proven wrong this this is absolutely a waste of a series.

Anyway, I digress.

The only thing that was remotely interesting was that Colin finally figured out that he has been duped this whole time by Vince. Duh. Every viewer knew that from episode one. Colin did well with the acting here and proved once again he is the only bright light in this dreadful series. I give Rachael a pass here because she really isn't given any good material. Her now smoking real cigarettes is just actually an insult to the viewer. It's so in your face it's annoying.

The acting by Colin was good because it portrayed the emotion that would come with realizing that your whole life is a lie. He already significantly struggled over the fact that he killed a man because he raped his wife. That killing of a man changed his life to the point he lost his wife, his child, his honor -- everything. The fact that he thought he was being "a man" by avenging his wife, that ultimately led to the removal of all that he held dear ... all for a lie? To be duped? Ugh. That would be soul crushing. At least before he could hold onto the fact hat he "manned up" and did right by his wife, all the terribleness that came with it, but that was never the case.

Again, the theme of what it means to be a man, to be a woman.

Onto TK. All I have to say is it's your own damn fault. Who would hide money in their prostitute mother's trailer? That made zero, ZERO sense. Bad, bad, bad writing.

Well, 3 episodes left. I wonder how much more can they pretend to make out of this really boring plot. So stupid.

I'm going to go on record though that next season will be good. HBO will not stand for this. It will be hard to get good actors after this though. Also, I'm fine with them changing up the type of season from the occult, to a murder mystery. That's fine. Just make me care about the characters and care about the plot. Oh, and have a plot that couldn't have been wrapped up in two episodes.

Reluctantly, I will watch next week, but looking forward to writing my thoughts for you all.

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