Monday, July 27, 2015

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Now, onto my thoughts about the latest episode of True Detective.

All I can say is that there are only two episodes left. Thank goodness.

I really just want them to wrap this up already.

The thing is, perhaps we don't have a name specifically, but there is no mystery, and anything else that they throw at us will just be contrived magic shit to pretend that there is more to the story than corporate greed and mobsters trying to get in on the action.

That's the thing. We don't care enough about the people involved to care about the story as a whole.

There's too many subplots with not enough meat on any of them to care.

Rachael goes to a party tonight for what purpose? The boys follow her for what purpose? To see what goes on at these parties ... sure. But then they find contracts with signatures all over them? Of course there are signatures, they are contracts. Also, everyone involved knows it is over the land for the rail. Everyone knows there was a conspiracy to cause the land to be toxic so that the rich could buy them for cheap and that the people who pay are the lower socioeconomic people. That no one lives there and that rich people are chewing up the land and spitting it out.

There is no mystery.

The show could be good if it showed how it impacted people's lives, but, again, not enough character development.

This is the Seinfeld of mysteries. The show is about nothing. It is making a mountain story out of a molehill story.

Then the big knife thing is that Rachael stabs someone? In that drab fashion? Ugh. Wasted. So wasted.

Again, the only, only bright spot is Colin, story wise and acting. Him giving up his son so that his son will never know that he is the product of rape is the only person acting unselfishly. Unlike other bloggers, I don't think it was just to retain his right to the name father. He did a fatherly thing by giving up his son to protect his son. Even the saint of a mother would rather tell her son that he is the product of rape, cause him to have to live with that, so that she can win a custody battle. Who is the disgusting parent now?

Then there is Vince. Ugh. Someone shoot him out of his misery. Him not believing someone killed the girl was too much. Just stop already. Vince's acting at the table and throughout this episode was some of the worst. However, like all episodes of True Detective this season, it has moments of, dare I say, good ... I can't even finish that sentence. Is it like when you line up 10 guys and you pick the hottest one out of them, but if you put that same guy with a bunch of actual hot guys no one would pick him? I think so. Was the scene with Vince and the boy really that good or just the best scene we've seen with him in awhile so we are just calling it good? I think the latter. I did like it though. Anyone who is older knows that what he speaks is the truth. We can all look back on our lives and pick out the moments that changed our lives forever. The longer you live, the more of them you have. Some of us have more profound ones than others.

I agree with other bloggers, I'm not hate watching right now, but I am mystified watching. I'm only watching, not because I'm interested in the show, but more so to see what in God's name did they see this series culminating toward? What did the writers think was a big mystery? Are they going to just magically contrive some much bigger plot? Are they going to resolve what happened to soldier boy int he field to get the burns? His sexuality? Does Colin, or Rachael for that matter, get any peace?

I wait to see ...

Until next week.

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