Monday, August 3, 2015

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All I have to say about this week's episode is ... duh.

I've been saying this for weeks. It doesn't matter that absolute intricate details about who screwed over who. I had to read at least 4 other blogger's post to figure out what all the character's names were.

That should never happen in a story. When the guy met Taylor in the LA subway tunnels, I was like who? Who is that again? Is he Colin's boss, Rachael's boss, Taylor's boss? I honestly couldn't remember. I also was guessing he was a boss, I couldn't quite remember that either.

Also, honestly, really? You KNEW you were going into a trap, but you'd rather die than have people find out your gay? Jeez.

AND, you just totally our maneuvered your fellow black-ops soldier buddies, only to stupidly take one glance when you leave the subway and be like, oh, it's cool ...

No, no it wasn't. That was bad writing top to bottom. Someone with that type of skills does not go out like that. That other dude was like the tunnels go on for miles ... I know! Leave through a different route. FFS.

Rachael and Colin stare at each other for, well, forever, and then start to make out.

I don't care.

Vince baby finally had a good week. I KNEW he could be a badass. I've officially decided it's not Vince's fault his acting is so bad. Someone is directing him that way. Someone has been giving him the worst dialogue. When they finally let vince break bad, he does, and it's excellent.

However, from a storyline point of view ... again ... who cares? Vince knew Blake was against him. Vince knew it probably had to do with the shady Russian dude. The only tell here was that they not only took his Casper deal, but his fall back on the casinos as well. The only, ONLY cool thing at this point would be a better why than just greed.

Honestly, we've known this all along, throwing in that the Russian decided to take the casinos too does not impress me.

The stupidest, absolute worst line this week was from hippie papa bear to Rachael -- you are the most innocent person I know.

F'ing stop already. That was the worst, worst, worst line I have ever heard.

Another complaint. How does Colin know "they" used his gun to kill the lady? Why would you make that leap when these people have been clueless the entire time?

The show opened with someone driving Casper's body to a park bench so the police could find him. Let's finally solve who did that -- the only reason to watch this terrible, terrible show.

Recap that we know: some police dudes broke into a pawn shop and stole those blue diamonds. I'm pretty sure they gave them to their boss, and somehow the mayor. I'm totally and complete unclear as to how Casper is involved in that. We know the two kids lived and they are probably seeking revenge. We somehow miraculously find the daughter working as Casper's assistant. I'm assuming the kids killed Casper and set him out for the cops to find so that they would know that they were, what? Coming for them? I don't know.

Also, where are the diamonds? Did the kids steal them back? Who knows?

90 minutes next week to make this season worth my time.

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