Tuesday, August 11, 2015

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So, essentially I was hoping the 90-minute finale was going to make the whole show worthwhile.

Sadly, that was not the case.

If you have already read recaps, this isn't the place for that. It's just my thoughts.

Here are my thoughts.

I liked Vince's line about relationships. That's why Colin helps him in the end.

I liked that the finale showed that every character had a good and bad side. It tried to explore the statement from the previous episode ... what makes a bad man?

Vince getting killed by the Mexican gang? I kind of liked the theme it was going for there, not that it was executed well. Choices have consequences, ones you might not see. The big bad? It might be something else.

Wrongful deaths again this week. Vince ...give up your stupid jacket.

Colin, you know what would be better than seeing your son "one last time"? Calling him on the phone for the next 18 years. That would be better. How stupid to go see his son.

After being told by the police chief that he didn't know Colin was so competent, Colin essentially proved him right. Colin was incompetent enough to not at least try to ditch the car. To at least try harder to get the tracking device off. So dumb.

Hey, Colin, fyi, you just killed 2 out of 5 bad guys. Keep trying. Don't give yourself up.

Mexican gang, nice job finding Vince. How was that again? He burns all of his cars and is escaping. How does that happen.

Mexican gang, great job ambushing Vince. Didn't we all see Vince looking out his car mirrors wondering what was going on? He didn't see ANYONE get out of the cars so that he had time to get a gun and at least try to get out of there?

Stupid. The whole thing was just stupid.

Let's see what happens with season 3.

Great job Colin and Rachael. Not your faults. Vince? Kinda not your fault either. They gave by far the least trained dramatic actor the hardest and corniest lines to say. Sorry, dude.

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