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Now, onto my blog about the new show - Fear The Walking Dead.

I really liked it! I thought that some people who wanted it to leap right into TWD arena are missing what could, and will, make this show so great, the character development, the slow burn, and the backstory.

It's kind of the opposite of TWD. We still barely know about the lives of some of the characters on TWD. In a way, that's telling for that show. It doesn't matter for them anymore who they were. The new reality is that they have to deal with.

Here, in FTWD, we get to start from scratch. We get to see the evolution. I think the concept is magnificent. We get to truly see how society would react to a breakdown. A massive breakdown.

One of my biggest pet-peeves in TWD is that the characters have not acted like people would in an apocalypse that far into development.

Here, on FTWD, we get a chance for the show to excel at showing that -- and I think they want to. Travis, the father figure, is a teacher. He was teaching his students about the laws of chaos and of nature. Therefore, that seems to be a focal point, a theme if you will, for the show. I would love to see this show more about the breakdown of relationships, the strengthening of some, the nature of who survives and who doesn't. That would be cooler than just making a second TWD. I think there are some fans out there who would want that, and that's cool, but this has the chance to be a true prequel. A true companion show, not just a spinoff.

So far Travis, the father, and Nick, the son of Madison, are by far the best. Nick is the standout. He is selling this role like nobody's business. Well done actor Frank Dillane, well done.

Kim Dickens has been a fave of mine for awhile, however, she's not doing it for me in the show, well, at least not yet.

She was fabulous in Lost, superb in Deadwood, and perfectly adequate in House of Cards. I'm just not seeing the emotion, the kindness, the intensity. She has glimmers, but it's not quite there yet. She doesn't seem to show tortured over her son very well. I get strong, but I have the sense she is trying to portray a reserved torture, it's just not coming across. She can ... she did it very well in Deadwood. I'm just gonna chalk it up to new character jitters.

The only caveat I have of the show so far is the emotion. The sudden fear. The slightly worried looks of what is going on in their community. I'm sorry, but at my work, if half of everyone was out for "the flu" that is all we would be talking about. That's not even with any zombie element (duh). I feel like the show is too far away from people talking about what is going on. Look at the recent Ebola scare in Africa. Everyone, even the government, was nonstop talking about it. A handful of people were being treated in America for Ebola and it was all over the news. In this show, a few states have had outbreaks and it's a little too ho-hum for me. It would be cooler if the show had a few more sideways glances. I few more, hey sweetie, wash your hands, there is a terrible flu going around. That would seem a bit more realistic to me.

Any-who, I'm super excited for next week to see if they improve upon some of the things I would like to see. However, unlike others, I would like to wait for more Walkers. If more Walkers come, then that means we've missed the opportunity to have something really special in this show.

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