Monday, January 12, 2015

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For the record, he is my fave character
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I watched the Golden Globes yesterday and was shocked that a show called The Affair beat out GoT for best television drama. I'm finding it hard to believe that a show such as GoT that is so popular, HBO is considering changing the way they deliver their shows because of it, was beat out by The Affair. HBO has already admitted they are okay with people downloading GoT or sharing their passwords to watch online. That's just how popular GoT is.

So I thought that I would watch some of The Affair to see what was up.

Now, first off, this isn't solely a review of The Affair on it's own accord, but more in relation to GoT.

GoT is by far the superior show.

The reason GoT is illegally downloaded so much is that you CAN NOT MISS IT. Everyone will be talking about the show the next day on Monday. It is so fantastic. The intrigue, the acting, the set design, the costumes. Everything is impeccable.

Ask someone to pick their favorite character from GoT and it might take awhile. First, you are like oh, for sure Cersei. Then, you are like, no Brienne. Stop, wait, for sure this time it's Tyrion.

You most definitely can not say that about The Affair.

I'm not going to turn down plans to watch the latest The Affair. I would, of course, give some one the stink eye if they wanted to go get a drink when Game of Thrones was on.

Sorry, Golden Globes, but it seems to me you got paid to promote The Affair.

Now, I'm not saying it is a bad show. I'm rather enjoying it. However, no contest.

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