Tuesday, January 20, 2015

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This episode was titled Pittura Infamante. I really wish they would make these titles a little bit easier!

This was a weird episode, they all are really.

In this episode, it opens with Crane trying to find out from Abbie if he dress is up to standards for a date with Katrina. He gives some quip about how he doesn't understand how one can be business casual.

It was a well delivered line. The actor still does triumphantly well with horrible lines delivered in a fashion that somehow makes it okay that he said the dumbest thing on the planet.

Even more weird, is that Katrina wears a modern day dress. I'm not sure why Crane is so adamant about not wearing a normal day suit if he is so concerned about modern definitions of business causal.

Really, the episode goes downhill from there, which isn't saying a lot. There was one more good one-liner joke when Katrina kisses Crane as a means of distraction. That was really it.

To comment about that, I would not need a modern day murder as cause for the need to kiss Ichabod Crane. I would be kissing him all the time.

He also wouldn't have to worry about that suit for long ...

The monster this time around was pretty good, so kuddos to the art department or creature department of whatever. The monster rising out of the floor was really cool. I must say, the special effects in the show are so much better than Grimm. I caught five minutes of that show a week ago and I laughed out loud it was so terrible.

I also liked the idea of the painting and going into the painting and all of that.

However, again, the problem with the show is simply the extremely weak writing and missed opportunities. Katrina's friendship with Mrs. Adams could have been really cool if flushed out. I never really felt any longing from Katrina over Mrs. Adams. It was a missed opportunity.

Orlando Jones must be so annoyed with this show. He is the only good actor on it besides Tom Mison for reasons I explained above. Jones looks pained as Irving, however, I'm not sure if that is great acting or he is pained that the show is so terrible. Either way, his method acting is working.

A wasted talent on the show is Sakina Jaffrey. She is so much better than what this role gives her.

Please Sleepy Hollow, develop your characters more. Give them more meaningful things to say for more meaningful reasons. Use Ms. Jaffrey in a battle of power with Abbie, get rid of Katrina or at least make her less annoying. Give Orlando Jones more airtime and work with the fact that he is nailing this role. Work with the good things, get rid of the bad. It's time for some housekeeping people.

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