Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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The Packers play the Cowboys in the Divisional round of the playoffs. There are so many feelings about this game.

One, it is the game of the week. Let's be real. Dallas has been eyeing a playoff spot since 2009. They want this, bad. Jerry Jones is practically rabid for this. Tony Romo will soon be applying for social security disability insurance because there is no way that man is not crippled in 2 or 3 years. This is his one shot at it. After this, I just don't see it happening. A lot had to come together for the Cowboys to get their shot this year. The Washington Football Team was awful this year, as were the Giants. There is no way that continues. I'm not saying those two teams are going to become winners over night, I'm just saying they will get better than what they are now. The window will close on the Cowboys from getting such easy wins.

I know Dallas really, really wants the win, but I can't stand the Cowboys. They are such a pompous organization. It's not simply that I want my team to win, but I really, really want the Cowboys to lose. I even rooted for the Lions last week ... the Lions! That's how much I hate the Cowboys.

As for the Packers, I want them to win so badly. We have not won in the last few years because our Achilles heel has been the Niners. Now that the Niners are out, we are free from their curse. However, one last curse remains, our horrible defense. Yes, it has improved over the last few weeks, however, I'm still not convinced. If we lose, it will be because of Dom Capers and his belief in "bend not break". The problem is we bend so much we let the other team dip into the end zone.

The game is this Sunday -- good luck Packers.

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