Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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The name of this week's episode is called Spellcaster and as we all knew was coming, it was about the Salem witch trials.

I was not impressed. I will say this, I'm going to finish out this season of recaps and then I am through. There really isn't much to say. There is no character development. We hope that Ichabod and Abbie become besties for life, but outside of that, do I really care what happens to Katrina. No. I really wish they would just drop a house on old Katrina like something out of Wizard of Oz. As for Henry, he's bad, bad, bad to the bone. Couldn't they have teased that out a bit? Made it a bit creepy? Explored his relationship with the boy and his mother, the cripple? Seems like it would be a good use of their time. Nope. Immediately to still bad.

How about the Captain? Straight to bad. Well, I guess we got two episodes to decide that. Wouldn't it have been neater, him trying to struggle against the big bad brewing inside? Nope, straight to clever book stealer. Well, not clever, he simply put's it in the back of his pants.

Also, why show him with his wife? Was this some sort of tease? If it was, it was completely unsuccessful.

Again, bad, horrible, watered-down writing is killing what could otherwise be a really good show.

I will say this, it would have been cool if the Salem witch trials had a little nod to the fact that men wanted to keep women down, not just a star-crossed lover with a happy shiv finger.

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