Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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This week's episode was titled "What Lies Beneath".

The best part of this episode was the guy who used to be on Wings, Steven Weber. What happened to that guy's career? He's absolutely fine in this, better than most people. There is no reason why this man should not have more work.

Old Steven plays President Thomas Jefferson, our glorious third President of the United States. There is a good, quick historical line about how President Jefferson out-lived his frenemy, John Adams, which was good. After that, of course, was how Crane was best buds with President Jefferson, until they had a falling out. Poor Crane, still sad about his first breakup.

The reason for Mr. Weber's presence in the episode is that a trio of city workers go down into the tunnels for a mapping job and break through a wall and find a huge seal in the ground. They decide to open it, even though it has weird markings on it.

So dumb.

They get caught and taken away by some type of C.H.U.D. people. Not sure if they are zombies, or what, at this point, but, as per the usual in this show, it really doesn't matter.

Abbie and Crane go down after the city workers and in their own escape from the underground dwellers, they run into a magical room that opens up.


In there is Mr. Weber, aka, President Jefferson.

Apparently, he has been waiting down there, in the room he built for the witnesses, that he knew would be Crane, since he died. Yet, it's not really President Jefferson, but some type of kinda hologram.

President Jefferson then tells our BFF's that he has all the knowledge down there that they would ever need with the hope that fate would bring them to him someday.

I already know where this is going.

BFF's say they have to save the city workers. President Jefferson says this will threaten the little sanctuary he built.

BFF's decide to save the city workers.

Which they do.

Then, by the Grace of God, the sanctuary remains intact. Crane decides he still needs to blow it up -- stating that creepy crawlies were found once, and will be found again.

Yes, but not in the next, say ... 30 minutes, or two weeks. You know, enough time to take a few volumes with you. Maybe you can't take the books/scrolls out. That's cool. I'll just make a Starbucks run and sit down for a good long read for awhile.

Nope. Straight to blowing the place up.

This ends my recanting of the show.

Sleepy Hollow had no humor in it this time and was stupid. Our third President is on the screen, Crane's hero, and we just, what? Blow his hologram up?

I hate this show for being so stupid.

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