Tuesday, February 17, 2015

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This week's episode is called "The Awakening". We finally, finally have an episode worth watching.

It seems like it took the email thread a little while to get to the executives running this show. We want more humor, more bestie time, and something to happen with annoying Katrina.

We finally got our wish.

There is a longer series of a humorous interaction between Ichabod and Abbie in the hardware store; that was nice. The series is better when Ichabod can be a little humorous and it showed here.

Katrina finally "breaks bad" to quote one of my all-time favorite shows. She turns evil, which, while having a bit of a setup, goes full-blaze fire in the episode. There is no middle ground with Katrina, at one point, she is thinking about maybe liking evil powers, then goes full-fledged, power-hungry witch resurrector. While, again, bad pacing from the writing team, at least something actually happened.

Katrina deciding that she wants to resurrect the coven with her son is a great plot.

I liked that Ichabod wasn't having any of it. While he stated (which I think the writers were trying to have some sense of backstory) that he thought Katrina was becoming more reclusive, he jumped right to leaving her in the wind. Which, let's be honest, he should. Once Katrina decided to be evil, she was completely onboard.

It was too soon to have Henry die once this excellent plot started. For all of the wasted time this season, we finally get something worth watching and the writers kill it off. Much like the plot with Abbie's mother -- something to drive character development and it's dropped like a hot potato.

I still don't know if Henry was really on his mother's side, or if it was some part of a larger, evil plan. I liked that he finally died though. However, did we really need the glass in his cheek to be sticky? That's not really how cuts work. Fail on the art department.

I did like the fact that even when Henry died, Ichabod was at his side. That was a nice touch.

It was even better that Katrina went all mama bear on Ichabod! That was awesome.

For the life of me, I can't understand what Abbie was doing jumping in after Katrina. What did that serve?

I did like the call back to the first season of Sleepy Hollow. The road, the feeling out of place -- that was all excellent. I wondered what the show would do about Abbie being black; I'm glad that they did not shy away from that. It will be interesting if Ichabod will purchase Abbie, purchase her freedom? How will the shower cover that? I like that the show has elements of history in it. I'm not expecting a full episode dedicated to race relations or anything, but I'd like it to be somewhat realistic though.

One more episode to go this season. It will be interesting to see what they do with it. This storyline with Abbie being back in the 1700's is great. I would love to see it for a few episodes, but seeing as it is the last episode of the season, it will probably be another wasted chance for the show to really shine.

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