Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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This episode is called "Alpine Shepherd Boy".

This is my first thoughts recap for Better Call Saul. Now that Sleepy Hollow is over, I need a new television series to recap my thoughts on.

I really like this show; however, it is no Breaking Bad.

This episode is a few in. I won't bore you with what has already happened. This episode, Jimmy's brother Chuck is in the hospital because he stole a newspaper to find out what Jimmy is up to. I thought this was good. We know how much Chuck does not want to go outside, so not only is he having delusions, but he is also obsessive-compulsive. Chuck is not just a little crazy, he has a full-blown mental illness, most probably late-onset schizophrenia. That's got to be a tough place for Jimmy to be in. He clearly looks up to his older brother and, despite Jimmy being a little shady, clearly is capable of sacrifice and deep love. I think the slow play there is really important. No need to rush it, which is super interesting. Some complaints of the show has been that it is too slow moving; however, my complaint about Sleepy Hollow was that they never allowed for any real character development.

I'll take Better Call Saul any day.

I also assume that it's going to get much better. A network doesn't green light another season before this one has already finished if they don't think it is very, very promising.

Back to the hospital, Jimmy makes the hard choice and has his brother released, even though we all know that's not in his best interest. The easy thing to do would have had him committed. I think this will also help Jimmy's story arc of why he is a bad guy that still has the potential to be good.

Clearly, the best part of the show was Mike. The cops arriving at his house? Can't wait to see what happens next ...

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