Tuesday, March 17, 2015

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I love blogging about my favorite television shows, one of which is Better Call Saul.

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This week's episode was titled "Bingo".

This week we returned to Jimmy's struggle between advancing his own career and doing the right thing.

However, by episodes end, I was not convinced that he did the "right" thing.

Jimmy wants to get ahead in life, but I'm beginning to feel like it is a little blown out of proportion that he is so slimy. I really just don't think that he is. He loves Kim, who clearly loves him, but not enough to stoop to his station in life. That's not cool. It also drives his desire to try and keep pace with the big-wigs, which he clearly can't. I mean, I don't blame Kim for not taking Jimmy up on his offer. Jimmy is not reliable; Kim clearly wants to get ahead in life as well, and will not invest in Jimmy.

So when Mrs. Kettleman fires Kim, Kim is obviously on the way out of her fast-track situation at the law firm. Jimmy, still loves Kim though, and turns down the Kettleman's offer for him to be their lawyer. This presents a problem. The Kettleman's decide to blackmail Jimmy. If he doesn't win the case, they will turn him in for taking a bribe.

This leads to the relationship between Mike and Jimmy starting back up.

I just think that Jimmy not only returned the money in order to save his own ass, but to save Kim's as well. Jimmy, is doing the right thing for her, despite the fact Kim is just not going to choose Jimmy. He does good things to try and win her heart, whether he knows it or not. I think what will finally break Jimmy bad is the realization that Kim is never going to pick him when he is not successful, whether he is good, or bad. I think he tries his hand at bad, to see if the success can win Kim.

As for the Kettleman's I do not think he returns the money to get them the best deal. Maybe, like 10% of Jimmy's humanity does it for that reason. They are awful people. Obviously more so the wife than the husband, but still.

I think Jimmy saying he is trying to do the right thing wasn't the "right" thing at all. He sat in his office and realized that there was no way for him to win the case. The best outcome was: for him not to get in trouble, Kim to get her clients back, and the Kettleman's, much to Mrs. Kettleman's dismay, to take the deal.

I am in agreement with most fans out there, we need way more Mike and Jimmy on the screen together. They are awesome together, and gets us one step closer into their world.

I think Jimmy crying in his would-be office is very telling. He has had enough. He can't win the girl, he can't obtain the big clients, he can't even get the office to get the big clients. Something is changing in him. If something happens to his brother, his last reason to continue to try and walk the straight-and-narrow path, Jimmy will break bad. There will be no reason, in Jimmy's mind, to even bother anymore.

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